For a modern take on the classic Cyrano de Bergerac, the passion and poetry of the original is fused with modern stage and narrative styles. Acoustic instruments were mixed with synthesizers and ethereal elements depending on the way in which the actors engage the audience.


Scotland Road

In this version of Scotland Road the director leaned on the eerie supernatural elements with stage design, lighting, and sound. The music used bass-heavy machine sounds, electrical interference, and ghostly piano, guitar, and vocals to enhance the discomfort of the material.



For Eurydice, a contrast between the overworld and underword was represented by changes in atmospheric sounds and instrumentation. Above ground, music was bright and cheerful, while below sounds were wet and vague. As Orpheus mourns his loss and descends into the underworld, things take on a tenuous, somber tone.


Farewell My Friend

This was a promenade show, taking place in many rooms throughout a church building. Atmospheric music was composed for through scenes and specifically timed pieces were cued for choreographed moments.

Farewell My Friend is a simultaneous telling of the stories of Romeo & Juliet and Tristan & Iseult. Different styles of music represented the different families. The Montegue clan was represented by looser, gypsy-like music while the Capulets were backed by more formal, chamber music tracks.