Points of Frustration

I'm fairly Type A. Not the overly competitive version, but I thrive in structure, am not the most expressive or effusive person, and I am impatient when there are too many unknowns in my life.

That being said, I think that the times when I am presented with frustrations I end up feeling more motivated than ever. There's nothing quite like having little control over something to spur me to create something I have complete control over.

I've been waffling on bringing back a podcast this year. I really enjoy the medium but I have found that it's hard to stay motivated when there's no real accountability. For podcasting, you can be accountable to a program partner, or to your audience. When you have neither, it's only you and the void, so you'd better have a good reason for doing it.

Today I spent some time writing out a few frustrations and through that came up with two different podcast ideas that I would like to try out. I'm going to spend the next week plotting and then hopefully launch them both at the start of February.

Let's Get Going.