Bandcamp Picks 2.9.18

I've had zero listening time this week, but did manage to check these two projects out, and you should too!

Bandcamp Picks 1.26.18

I haven't had a lot of listening time over the last two weeks, but with that time, let me tell you what I did enjoy: The Trolls, Silver Swans, and, Jay Som.

Points of Frustration

I'm fairly Type A. Not the overly competitive version, but I thrive in structure, am not the most expressive or effusive person, and I am impatient when there are too many unknowns in my life.

That being said, I think that the times when I am presented with frustrations I end up feeling more motivated than ever. There's nothing quite like having little control over something to spur me to create something I have complete control over.

I've been waffling on bringing back a podcast this year. I really enjoy the medium but I have found that it's hard to stay motivated when there's no real accountability. For podcasting, you can be accountable to a program partner, or to your audience. When you have neither, it's only you and the void, so you'd better have a good reason for doing it.

Today I spent some time writing out a few frustrations and through that came up with two different podcast ideas that I would like to try out. I'm going to spend the next week plotting and then hopefully launch them both at the start of February.

Let's Get Going.

Dolores O'Riordan

When someone whose music has meant a lot to you passes away, the best thing you can do is work hard on your own creative passions and put as much positivity and beauty into the world as you are able.