Lifted, Into the Depths

The album is out!

The Space Between

Yesterday I turned in the final mixes for my new album to the label, for a release on 9/10. So I have a week to not think too hard about something I’ve been thinking too hard about for the last few weeks. This is nice.

It’s hard to avoid the “Community Theater Blues” that come with finishing a personal project. Once it’s over you’re left with a “now what?” feeling. I’m hoping at this age, I have figured out how to deal with that feeling appropriately. It’s the cycle, nothing you can do about it really.

One of the things I’m feeling very good about with regard to the new album (aside from the music on it) is that it has wiped my slate clean. Finishing the Silvergirl album last month, getting through some other odds and ends project, and wrapping up my solo project means that I don’t have any half-finished stuff sitting around and whining about getting finished. It’s a good point for me to think about what’s next.

There are two project that I have been avoiding for lack of time that I want to get started on. Both are collaborative, and in very different ways. And of course, the 12 Days of Mike Oldfield are right around the corner, so I need to get started on that.

So, next week, new music from me. First new full album in just under two years. Looking forward to it.


I have mixed feelings about drones and ambient music. Last year I spent more time than normal experimenting with these forms. I enjoyed a good deal of what I produced, but I never felt artistically fulfilled by that work. For the most part, it’s just not for me.

That said, I try to be the sort of person who doesn’t write things off forever. When I was reminded in late may that Drone Day was a thing, I decided to whip something up. So, that’s what’s below - a 68-minute-long improvised drone piece using a few synths and pedals. Enjoy, if that’s the sort of thing you do.


Today marks the release of Entity03: J/J/J/J, an EP that features a collaborative track that I worked on with Jienan Yuan earlier this year. It’s a 9-minute-long journey through organic and synthetic elements, ambience and beat driven electronics, and was a lot of fun to put together.

Left on Central

This year for February, I teamed up with my friend Steve O’Connell to work on an “RPM Challenge Album”. This is where you write and record an album in February for Record Production Month.

It was a lot of fun, and we managed to cross the finish line. We’ll be putting out a version of the album with a more thoughtful mix in the future, but for now you can here the results of 28 days of work right here.