I have mixed feelings about drones and ambient music. Last year I spent more time than normal experimenting with these forms. I enjoyed a good deal of what I produced, but I never felt artistically fulfilled by that work. For the most part, it’s just not for me.

That said, I try to be the sort of person who doesn’t write things off forever. When I was reminded in late may that Drone Day was a thing, I decided to whip something up. So, that’s what’s below - a 68-minute-long improvised drone piece using a few synths and pedals. Enjoy, if that’s the sort of thing you do.


Today marks the release of Entity03: J/J/J/J, an EP that features a collaborative track that I worked on with Jienan Yuan earlier this year. It’s a 9-minute-long journey through organic and synthetic elements, ambience and beat driven electronics, and was a lot of fun to put together.

Left on Central

This year for February, I teamed up with my friend Steve O’Connell to work on an “RPM Challenge Album”. This is where you write and record an album in February for Record Production Month.

It was a lot of fun, and we managed to cross the finish line. We’ll be putting out a version of the album with a more thoughtful mix in the future, but for now you can here the results of 28 days of work right here.

Future Retrospection

Long end of the year, 2018. Work was super-intense, I did very little in the way of recording. I wasn’t able to put time into NaSoAlMo like I wanted, so I still have an unfinished project waiting for attention.

Now it’s February 2019. The first month was unproductive, but I’ve taken on two projects that qualify as “RPM Challenge albums”, meaning they start and complete in the month. Hopefully this kickstarts a year of music in the same way that last year’s sabbatical did.

Time Warp to NaSoAlMo

Well, I sure didn’t spend any time writing this summer. I did a lot of journaling, went on tour, and have worked on several music projects. I got a job, and have been struggling with how to be creative while being suffused with information and practice in that realm.

No I’m sitting here, about to enter into November, and remembering that at this time of year I tend to feel very down, very much like a failure. Which is perfect for me to get creative.

That’s the Catch 22 for my creative output - I do best when I’m feeling down. I don’t like to feel depressed, but I write better when I am. So, I guess I’m ready to go, because man am I in the pits theses days.

I’m trying to channel the dark thoughts and the dark feelings into a dark album next month. I want to release a 7” record and a full-length tape. I want it to be me at my most sincere, not only about what I write but about what I want things to sound like. I don’t want to be influenced by anything outside of my own mind.

We’ll see how it goes.